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Tribal motifs & Neon Colors Adorn Latest Guess Collection

May 4th, 2013

Latest Guess CollectionGuess, a brand which is known for a collection of sexy womenswear, feminine and glamorous again displays his signature style in the latest summer collection. Womenswear collection is divided into three parts, namely tribal, and neon kaleidoscope. Guess tribal collection presented leads to the monochrome colors of black and white but the tribal style that attractive. Sexy impression remains present with pieces sleveless or backless detail in the dress shirt to dress ..

As for you who prefer color. Guess kaleidoscope collection that takes inspiration from toy kaleidoscope contains this color combination could be an option. Shades of color featured in this collection was seen mingling. For instance, in a mullet dress graded piece skirt and tops pink chiffon typical summer with a mix of blue and yellow.

Lastly, is a collection of neon color. Not much different from fashion models in tribal and kaleidoscope, it’s just that this collection consists of a fluorescent colors such as yellow, and pink. Overall this collection uses a lot of chiffon material is cool and also pretty white lace giving rise to the impression of ‘fun’ and ‘adventurous’. Guess still presenting variations of plaid shirts are so signature on each collection.

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