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Islamic dress in New York Fashion Week

February 14th, 2013
Islamic dress

Islamic dress

The attendees at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday (13/02/2013) fascinated by the collection of Muslim fashion designer Nailah Lymus. The success of his show meant the world to Lymus, which through its Agency Underwraps indeed been fighting for Muslim fashion gets a place of honor in the fashion world. 29-year-old woman who works as a designer and stylist said, this show is proof that Muslim women can work as a model or designer without having to leave their obligations.

According to Nailah, has been a model walking on catwalk often considered contrary to Islamic beliefs. For according to the rules of religion, women can only show his hands and face. So many women who are committed to the full hijab can not realize the dream as a model. In 2004, Nailah launched its own clothing label, Amirah Creations, which specializes in dresses according to the rules of Islam, but can still look elegant. He asserts that Muslim women can be stylish as well as other women.

Before launching Underwraps, Nailah much consultation and approval from the priests and elders in the community. All agreed that this effort will be a great way to break the stereotype. There is still the idea that Muslim women can not work or go to school or dress stylish. Nailah want to get rid of these misconceptions.
Underwraps modeling agency currently has a contract with four models of Muslims, one of them look stunning success for Ann Nahari collection at New York Fashion Week last week.

Although the focus Nailah most models employ Muslim, he finally wants to make the agency that represented Underwraps decency in general, covering a variety of religions and cultures. He wants to provide opportunities for women to still be able to express and develop themselves in the fashion world without having to undress or wearing skimpy clothes.

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