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Choice of Chanel New Bag Collection Spring / Summer 2013

February 2nd, 2013
Bag Collection

Bag Collection

For you lovers of high-end French brand, Chanel, handbags from collection Spring / Summer 2013 seems you must have. Bags Chanel summer collection comes with a unique design but still looks luxurious. Before you add it in the collection bag, consider first series of the latest Chanel bag following:

1. Plexy Glass Clutch
Chanel is usually present with typical chain bag, now looks more modern with a clutch made ​​of plastic. Comes in a variety of bright colors such ‘summer’, Karl Lagerfeld’s clutch design you can have a price of U.S. $ 5,700.
2. Chanel Multicolor Sequin
Impression of summer brought a bag Chanel classic models these colors. In addition to casual looks, additional material sequins make this bag look so elegant.
3. tote Bag
For those of you who like to carry a lot of cargo in a bag, tote bag from Chanel is the right choice. Detail bags are stylish plus toska color selection makes this bag so inviting attention.
4. Red Quilted Bag
Chanel typical impression of luxury in a shiny material emanating from Chanel Quilted Bag is. Its small and compact, making it practically brought to the party or streets.
5. Hula Hoop Bag
This unique bag be talks after appearing in the Spring 2013 Chanel show. Chanel bags are also designed Karle Lagerfeld looks playful and come in mini and large sizes. Bags inspired by the hula hoop is priced at U.S. $ 1,500.

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