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Tyra Banks’ Essential Accessories

January 23rd, 2013

tyra banksFamous model, business woman, is also the host, Tyra Banks continue to create to inspire young women. Since childhood, the model makes Tyra understands fashion and stylish solid match. On its website, Tyra shares tips on accessories that appropriate and important to have in order to look stylish. These items must-have version of Tyra Banks:

Big black bag
A successful woman, stylish, and plenty of activities like Tyra definitely need a lot of stuff. Not surprisingly, a large black bag is one of the must-have for her. Look who made ​​good and not easily damaged. Bags with classic forms and ornamentation but not much structure will make you look beautiful at all times.

Oversized scarf
Scarf is still a trend. Moreover, the rainy season and the cold wind was still hovering in the sky. Great Scarf with cute print will sweeten the appearance of your body warm at the same time. Do not forget to be taken if you are going to travel far.

Classic Watches
Watches large golden or silver classic will sweeten up your arms, and can be worn with any outfit.

Classic sunglasses
Classic sunglasses, like aviator or large will cover the shortfall on the lack of fresh faces, while protecting eyes from the sun. Just do not be in the room or at night, yes.

Black pump shoes
Black pump shoes will take you from the office to the dance floor with steady steps. Pump high-heeled shoes will help you look cool and level. Invest your money on this type of shoe.

Cocktail ring
Detail is important to Tyra. Make sure you have a pretty large ring and a classic to improve your appearance.

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